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For 30 years, I have served in CEO and leadership roles with Swiss Army Brands, Marmot, the Timberland Company and Colorado Mesa University. My focus, as a leader, has always centered on profitable growth while providing an innovative, stimulating, and prosperous environment for the people that worked with me.

Since returning to Grand Junction in 2001, I have been active in the community with organizations including the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, the Business Incubator, Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation, the Grand Junction Regional Airport, the Suicide Coalition of Western Colorado, the Riverside Coalition, and the Grand Junction Housing Authority. All of these organizations have helped me understand the breadth of issues our community faces while enabling me to work on cost effective solutions to many of the issues.

Six years ago, I was elected to City Council. After volunteering for so many years I decided that I could further my commitment to this community by serving on Council. For two of these six years, I served as your Mayor.


My focus continually has been to craft strategies and policies that address the needs of the community. I have done this as a fiscal conservative, making certain that we balance our City budget every year.  Through this period, we have added to the City’s financial reserves - our rainy day funds - better securing our future in economic down times as we have recently witnessed with COVID-19.

When I ran for re-election this past year I stated that” my job was not done”. There was a lot more work to do for the citizens of this community. I want to take my commitment of service to the State House of Representatives, to serve the City of Grand Junction, Western Colorado, and the State as a whole.

I hope you will support me in this journey.


Rick Taggart

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